The World Wide Web is a real mine of information, which can be used by private users or firms for every kind of business. The problem is that the information can come from different sites, with different structures or from the same site, but continuously updated.
Web scraping tools allow you to extract data from different sites or periodically copying them from the same site, make them homogeneous and historicize them.

These characteristics make it ideal for:

  • Comparing prices and kind of offers of goods and services on several sites at the same time (competitive analysis on hotels, B&Bs and Insurances).
  • Aggregating news from multiple sites (ideal for web searches)
  • Monitoring the price of one or more products over time. (Ideal for e-commerce, real-estate, insurances)
  • Local downloading of images of your interest

Web Scraping . download is a visual software, for data extraction, from web sites.
This web scraper allows to select specific text with just few clicks, and also prices, links and images in a single web page or in an entire site.
Data can be saved and stored in json and csv formats.
After the first run it is possible to re-run the required data extraction with just one click, and the results will be saved automatically.